About Us

Liza Pearce & Associates | Melbourne Solicitor and Lawyer

Liza Pearce (B.A Dip Ed.LLB), Principal of Liza Pearce & Associates is an experienced solicitor and dedicated advocate in criminal law defence work. She has an extensive portfolio and has worked for a number of large criminal law firms across Melbourne, representing and defending clients in all jurisdictions.

Professional Advice

As an experienced solicitor, Liza Pearce is able to provide the very best and personalised legal advice to suit your needs.

Our Dedication to You

The decision to set up her own practice was based on the demand for a legal service that offered outstanding and individual attention and care to each client. She is dedicated to giving you priority and the necessary time required. We believe that an individual and personalised experience means that the best possible outcome is achieved. We provide a service that focuses on you as an individual whilst at the same time being very affordable & accessible to all clients. Particularly clients who no longer qualify for legal aid.

Counsel Involvement

Should your matter require Counsel, Liza Pearce only engages the most experienced Barristers – those that reflect her principles of providing outstanding service to her clients.

We Care

Liza Pearce has particular understanding and empathy for clients with a disability, mental health or substance abuse issues. Contact us today to see how we can help.