What to expect from a criminal lawyer in Melbourne?

Being charged with a criminal offence, or being questioned or interviewed by police can be a stressful and frightening experience.Criminal law is complex, and can have serious consequences for a person. Therefore the assistance of an expert and caring criminal lawyer is the key to protecting your rights.

The criminal lawyer you choose or speak to, is critical to your case and eventually your outcome.Therefore choosing the right one, is the very important first step in achieving the best outcome for you. Most people don’t know where to start, what to look for or expect when choosing a criminal lawyer in Melbourne. This article is about providing key things for you to be aware of and take into account when looking for and deciding who will represent you and be your criminal lawyer in Melbourne.

The most important initial thing is to seek out advice as soon as possible. Do not leave this to the last minute or day before court. You are entitled to seek legal advice BEFORE you are interviewed by police. Speaking to a criminal lawyer at this stage is very important – as you will be advised whether to say anything at all or give a no comment record of interview.

Most people however seek out a criminal lawyer once they have been charged and have a court date.Whether you are referred to a lawyer by family or friends or search on the internet – there are 5 key things to expect from your lawyer. The FIRST thing to expect is –  that they are an expert in the field of Criminal Law. It is much better to choose a lawyer that specialises in this field rather than a lawyer who works in a law firm that practices general law. That way you are assured of a lawyer who knows their stuff and only deals in criminal law.

The SECOND thing to expect is a FREE initial consultation. The lawyer should be able to offer you a free, no obligation appraisal of your matter.Providing you with an assessment of your case, possible outcomes and rough estimate of legal costs to you.This is very helpful to you – as well as getting free advice you are able to determine whether they are right for you. Asking the following questions will assist you in this.

The THIRD thing to expect is, for your lawyer to listen properly to you. It is vital that your lawyer is really listening to you and understanding your individual situation and case.What this really means is – are they taking the time and interest to pay attention to your circumstances. If they are not – get another lawyer!

FOURTHLY – are they explaining things clearly and easily to you. You should not feel confused or uncertain or unable to ask questions. It is your right to understand your situation and know what’s going on – then you can decide and give proper instructions to your lawyer.You should have the potential outcomes explained very clearly to you and know where your case is heading and what your situation is.

FIFTHLY – you should be able to rely upon the SAME lawyer handling your case from beginning to end. Some firms, hand clients on to a variety of junior lawyers throughout the matter. It is much better for you – if the same lawyer has conduct of your case from start to finish. That way you have established a relationship with the one lawyer that you can rely upon and trust.

In a nutshell – when you engage a criminal lawyer in Melbourne – you are entitled to be represented by an expert, who will listen to you, explain things clearly and work hard to get the best possible outcome for you in your criminal matter. By seeking advice promptly, taking advantage of initial free consultations and using the above as a guide, you stand the best chance of achieving that best outcome.