Criminal Offences

You may be charged with any of the criminal offences, which may include assault, theft, serious offence, sex offence, perjury, murder, public order offence, weapon offence, corporate crime, social security fraud, public justice offence, malicious damage, confiscation of assets, online offence and host of others! There is a long list of criminal offence that is in place for keeping law and order in the society!

If you have been charged with any or more crimes, it’s time for an expert advice and professional representation. Knowing your legal rights and receiving the right legal advice is the best way getting out of this stressful situation!


How We Help

We understand your stress and worry and at the same time your unawareness what to do at this situation to reduce the stress out of your life, your profession and your family!

Getting legal advice by a professional criminal lawyer is the best option to deal with this situation and understanding how we can stand by you in your hard time is the best way that can be really soothing at this time!

We deal only in Criminal law thus have an in depth understanding and have on board well accredited Criminal Law Specialists offering most suitable and pretty affordable advice and legal representation of your case at court.

We are one of the criminal law firms in Melbourne. We provide highly professional, personal and expert legal advice.

Rest assured you are at the right place, you are in the right hands!