Criminal Offences

, Criminal Offences

  • Have you been charged by the police?
  • Have you been questioned or interviewed by the police?
  • Are you going to Court?

If you have been charged with any criminal offence (which may include assault, theft, serious offence, sex offence, perjury, murder, public order offence, weapon offence, corporate crime, social security fraud, public justice offence, malicious damage, confiscation of assets, online offence and host of others). Getting the right and expert advice is critical. There is a long list of criminal offence that is in place for keeping law and order in the society!

We understand that if you have been charged with any of the above (or more), that it is a stressful situation. We provide care to our clients on an individual level.

The time is now for expert advice and professional representation. Knowing your legal rights and receiving the right legal advice is the best way getting out of this trying situation.


How We Help

We understand your stress and worry and at the same time your unawareness what to do at this situation to reduce the stress out of your life, your profession and your family!

Getting legal advice by a professional criminal lawyer is the best option to deal with this situation and understanding how we can stand by you in your hard time is the best way that can be really soothing at this time!

We deal only in Criminal law thus have an in depth understanding and have on board well accredited Criminal Law Specialists offering most suitable and pretty affordable advice and legal representation of your case at court.

We are one of the criminal law firms in Melbourne. We provide highly professional, personal and expert legal advice.

We give expert advice and act for clients charged with any of the following :

  • Assault Offences – Including Sexual Assault
  • Dishonesty Offences
  • Fraud Offences
  • Driving Offences
  • Drug Offences
  • Family Violence Offences
  • Property Damage Offences
  • Council Prosecutions
  • Department of Transport Prosecutions
  • Infringement Fines
Why Us?
  • Liza Pearce is available 24/7
  • First consultation is FREE
  • We focus on affordability and offer very low rates.
  • Direct and Immediate access to expert legal advice when you need it most
  • Outstanding Representation from an Expert
  • Representation in ALL courts throughout Victoria and Australia
  • We listen
  • We explain
  • We take the time to listen
  • We FIGHT hard
  • Only the best Barristers


“Thank you so much Liza for all your help – I didn’t know where to turn when I was wrongfully charged with Arson – you explained everything so well to me and reassured me during a very stressful time. Your attention to detail and vigilance led to my charge being dropped – I am so thankful and relieved – and your fees were so reasonable!”
— Robert S.

“I was charged with assault against a neighbour – I wanted to fight it as it was not true. So lucky I found Liza Pearce & Associates. She listened to all of my concerns and then represented me in court. Her fee was very low and we won! I would highly recommend her to anyone.”
— M.Z

“Liza provided me with so much care and concern during a very difficult stage of my son’s life – As she represented us in court, Liza Pearce also had the right professionals to help him get back on track. Most of the charges were withdrawn and as a result my son received a very low sentence. He has since then put it all behind him and is doing well. Thank you Liza!”
— F.P

“I wasn’t eligible for Legal Aid – all the law firms I contacted would cost me thousands – Liza represented me for a fraction of the cost. She was professional, caring and knew what she was doing. Thanks to her I had a fantastic outcome! If you need criminal legal advice then she is definitely the lawyer to contact.”
— L.H